Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I Start?

Naomi suggests if you are not sure where to begin then just start at the very beginning with Course 1 - Awakening from Within. This first course in the series, shares with you easy, practical tips and techniques that you can incorporate into your everyday chaotic life to give you the chance to breathe again. Once you have these steps in your daily routine, any of the other courses are just added bonuses to creating calm in your daily life... Enjoy!

How Do I Receive My Certificate?

Once you have completed a course just send Naomi an email with the following details: your full name you want on your certificate and the course that you have completed. Naomi will then check your progress in your student record files with Teachable and then reply with your certificate attached in PDF format for you to printout at your leisure. Please allow Naomi 24 hours to process your request. Naomi's email is [email protected]

How Do I Receive Course 7 for FREE?

Once you have completed all courses 1-6, just email Naomi at [email protected] with your request to receive Course 7 for FREE. Naomi will check your course progress and then add you to Course 7 for FREE. You will receive an email notifying you that you have been added to Course 7 and can then begin your study at your convenience.